Eucon Dc-IN ( Hardener)

Eucon Dc-IN ( Hardener)

  • Concrete is made more resistant to de-icing salts, sulfate attack and corrosive water
  •  Less mixing water can be used per yard (meter) of concrete and placeability is improved
  • Minimizes bleeding and segregation
Product Description

EUCON DC – IN is a ready to use polycarboxylate – based admixture used to more efficiently produce machine-made concrete products. EUCON DC – IN increases production rate, improves cement efficiency, and accelerates early strength development. Units produced with EUCON DC – IN are more dimensionally stable, have improved edge and corner definition, and are more resistant to damage in transport. EUCON DC – IN contains no added chlorides and will not promote corrosion of steel.

Download : Datasheet


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