Kemiplast KC 401

Kemiplast KC 401


Country Of Origen   Korea
Made In: India.
Code No: KC 401
Color : Amber Colored Liquid
Packaging Type  Jar
Packaging Size 50 Kg
Brand Name  Kemiplast KC 401
Usage/Application PSPC Poles & Pipes, Parking Tiles, Hollow Block, & Brick, Self Compacting Concrete.
Product Description

Kemiplast KC-401 is a high performance blend of silicon dispersing agents, specifically formulated for use with low slump, vibro-compacted, instant de-mould manufacturing processes, optimizing workability, strength and compactability in this type of process, yet ensuring mix cohesion and unit dimensional stability are not impaired on rapid de-mould


  • Improved surface finish, texture, and sharper edges.
  • Denser block, with much higher strength.
  • Shorter production – vibration cycle
  • Lighter, more uniform colour.
  • More economical mix designs.
  • Reduced or no vibration may be required if this is used.

Download: Datasheet


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